There will be a water service interruption for the entire town of Lake Arthur next week.

If you live in Lake Arthur you'll want to write down or input a reminder that this coming Monday, August 10, the entire town will be without water.

The reason for the outage is so work crews can attempt to solve and correct three issues with the town's water ways. The service interruption will begin at 9:00am Monday morning, and there's no time given when water will return.

Something else you should be aware of is that there will be a boil advisory for the water when the service is brought back online. It also may take the Louisiana Department of Health up to 72 hours to collect all the samples they need to ensure the water quality is at a point to release the city from the boil advisory.

It would be a best practice to go ahead and stock up with a three to five day supply of bottled water. Another thing to consider is that your toilet won't flush when the water has been cut off, so you might want to fill your bathtub up with water to use in the bowl and back of your toilet to flush during the service interruption.

For more details and pertinent information on the water stoppage, check the town of Lake Arthur's Facebook page.

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