Alright, ladies. Here's you chance to sound off against crappy Valentine's Day gifts. Now, I know I've probably been guilty of being a typical man and gotten some of the gifts that will show up on this list. What can I tell you ladies? When it comes to buying gifts, Valentine or otherwise, we guys are victims of advertising.

Now, I'm not blaming our inability to buy gifts on the mass media, but you must understand. Every year at this time we are inundated with commercials that push one product or another as a sure thing gift. I guess we could just cut through and ask what you want, but that ruins the surprise. It's a real catch 22.

I'm unattached, so I'm able to sit back and see the day through the eyes of a casual observer. It's all rather comical if one has the luxury to merely be an observer especially when so many men are under the gun to get the perfect gift. I remember the pressure of Valentine's Day gift buying. Believe it or not, ladies, we really do give your gift a lot of thought, The problem is that we think like men.

So, help us out, ladies. Here's a very short poll for you to use to give us some direction. The question; quite simply is "What do you NOT want for Valentine's Day.


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