If you have kids or grand kids who are picky eaters, you'll recognize the faces these kids making when, for most of them, they are trying sushi for the first time. Now, I have two granddaughters who are 5 and almost two and they are not picky eaters at all. Part of that may have to do with the fact that their father is a chef and they are used to constantly trying new things.

Let's agree that sushi is not to everyone's taste and I know adults who would react the same way to eating eel and fish eggs, but it's not as cute when adults react the way the kids do in this video. There's something endearing about kids not liking certain foods. It's just not all that cute from grown-ups.

a Few of the kids in this video start off being excited that they are going to have sushi and proclaim that they love it, but when it comes down to eating fish eggs, most of the are no longer sushi lovers. There's a lot of spitting out of food in this video.

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