Postgame interviews can be tedious for players and coaches, especially after big games. It seems to be the same questions, the same interviewer, and the same tone depending on if their team won or lost.

Following the Cowboys-49ers game on Sunday, Deebo Samuel had a unique and wholesome post game interview...with a 12 year old aspiring rapper.

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - San Francisco 49ers v Dallas Cowboys
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The NFL on Nickelodeon is a fairly new concept, beginning last year's Wild Card game between Chicago and New Orleans. Nickelodeon chooses one game during the Wild Card weekend and they essentially make it easy and fun for kids to watch, including CGI slime and their own commentators box. It's only for one game a season, but the program is already catching the attention of the internet.

This year, they had a young man named Young Dylan interviewing players on the field post game. He interviewed Deebo Samuel, following the win against the Cowboys in Dallas. I can only describe this interview as precious and so sweet.

Watch 12-Year-Old Rapper Young Dylan Interview 49ers' Deebo Samuel

The internet was thoroughly impressed with Young Dylan and his interview skills. Getting kids involved in sports through this partnership with the NFL and Nickelodeon is doing much more than just showing a game. It's giving young kids the opportunity to see other kids like themselves on the sidelines and interviewing these big names in sports, pretty much showing everyone kids can do anything they want to do.

Twitter users voicing their love for Young Dylan, saying he has a bright future. He spoke so well, you can tell he was excited but he still just had a natural flow of questions for Deebo. I watched the entire interview with a smile on my face and I definitely think this kid has a bright future.

I don't think this is the last time you'll see Young Dylan or kids like him on the sidelines of these games. I hope Nickelodeon and the NFL extends their partnership for more than one game. It's a nice break from all of the monotony of interviews and throws a nice wrench in the mix.

It also seems that Deebo enjoyed it, as well. He was very playful in talking with Dylan as if he were an adult. It's great to see these larger than life athletes interact with kids in such a happy and respectful way. I think NFL on Nickelodeon has a bright future after this interview.

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