The 2015 Hurricane Season has been one for the record books. Luckily the record seems to be that it's one of the biggest years for storms to fizzle out and not even touch land. That's the best news we've had about the season in a long time.

As we approach the anniversary of Hurricane Rita, there are two systems in the far tropics and one right along the east coast of the states. None of them seem to have much of a chance of development as the El Nino has done a great job of cutting them short before they could even become hurricanes.

The system just off the east coast of the states is not a big deal and only has a 20% chance of strengthening. that system is expected to deliver rain along the east coast of Florida, but that's about it.

Invest 9 will probably meet the same fate as the other storms this season and only has a very small chance of development especially once it comes in contact with the upper-level wind shears associated with El Nino.

That leaves us with Tropical Storm Ida way out in the Atlantic. The 5 day forecast shows Ida heading up into the open waters of the Atlantic away from any land masses. Currently, Ida has maximum sustained winds of 40 mph and isn't expected to develop into a hurricane.