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Kappa Alpha Order has a very long history and the well-known fraternity can trace it's roots to southern heritage and Confederate General Robert E. Lee. Well, now that fraternity finds that, in these very PC times that some of the old traditions can send the wrong message to the general public and therefore the frat is changing one of it's oldest traditions that goes back to 1939 and that is the "Old South" formal, week long celebration.

Traditionally, the Old South celebration was based deep in antebellum themes. many of the celebrations were held at plantations, members wore confederate uniforms and, of course, the ladies wore hoop-skirt dresses and bonnets.

 Earlier this month, National KA Executives announced they would prohibit the use of the name and anything attributed to it. A letter to chapters reads, 'All functions and activities must be conducted with restraint and dignity and without trappings and symbols that might be misinterpreted and objectionable to the general public.'

While the spirit of the old south and it's genteel manners will still be evident in the ceremonies, the confederate uniforms will be gone, but ladies will still wear their hoops-skirts and bonnets. The new name for the decades old tradition will be, quite simply, "The Rose Ball."




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