This is actually an old story, but it's a story of empathy and humanity. The country has become an ugly place because Americans are divided. People are choosing sides based on race and political beliefs. Our justice system is being called to be just. Instead of making sure there are fair and equal checks and balances on America's justice system, lawmakers are fighting.

Hatred and ignorance are being awarded. Lying, denial, and turning a blind eye to the truth seem to be the only ways to prove your allegiance these days. Have we lost our humanity? Since when does taking a stand for what's right only get you punishment?

When I saw this story, it brought tears to my eyes because Judge Lou Olivera of North Carolina did something no other judge would ever do. He spent the night in prison with the man he sentenced, American Veteran Joe Serna.

This is a story of love for a fellow human being. Judge Olivera represents what our justice system could be. He showed the world what fairness in a court of law looks like and what a little honor, respect, and understanding can do to change a person's life. Imagine how the world would be if all judges and police officers had this much love for their fellow man. God bless him!

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