A guy named Brian Burns recently wished his mom a happy birthday on Twitter with a picture of her getting snubbed by John Mayer for a photo in 2005, and she got a present of a lifetime.

The post hasn't gone viral, but somehow it got back to John and he knew he had to make things right. What's better than getting a photo with John Mayer? Him singing you an apology and happy birthday song all in one on his TikTok.

It may have taken 15 years to hear back from John, but Kristine was thrilled by the birthday surprise. Check out Brian's tweet that started it all, John's video, and listen to her voicemail to her son below.

That was awesome of John to take the time and make a fan's year. Everybody hates to get the cold shoulder, and it was cool of him to realize that this encounter with him wasn't how he wanted to be remembered as a person.

Kudos, John. Kudos.

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