The death of rock stars can be quite a cottage industry. In the case of Jim Morrison, the is no estate to tour. No glass cases of memorabilia to gawk at for $10 a person. No, in Morrison's case, there is only the rare manuscript or, in this case, lost interview.

So, here we have Morrison's lost interview extolling the virtues of being overweight. A condition that, no doubt, at least contributed to his early demise.



As for the substance of Morrison's interview, it's a little odd, but at least you can't say he and Smith were talking about the same old stuff. This segment finds them discussing Morrison's fondness for his college meal plan. "I felt like a large mammal. A big beast," he recalls, looking back on his days as a 185-pound student. "When I'd move through the corridors or across the lawn, I just felt like I could knock anybody out of my way, you know. I was solid, man. It's terrible to be thin and wispy because, you know, you could get knocked over by a strong wind or something. Fat is beautiful."

So, Morrison was also a bully. Nice.



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