Well, the buzz had been all over town that Weather Channel Super Star Jim Cantore was in town, so I decided to go in search of him. We had heard that he was behind the Civic Center, but when we got there he was nowhere to be found. I tried Old City Hall and he wasn't there, then I got a tip that he was at the I-10 beach and, as luck would have it, sure enough, he was there.

Now, when you see Jim Cantore on TV, what you don't see is the fans wanting to meet him. I'm not saying there was this huge crowd, but there were probably a dozen or so folks gathered around waiting for an autograph or a picture with the guy. I noticed that he tries to make time for everyone that wants to talk to him. Sure sign of a good guy.

I finally got my turn and, as you will hear on the video, we did a quick comparison of how many years we've been in the broadcast business. I learned that Jim has been doing what he's doing for 31 years and you can tell he loves it. The producers were trying to hurry him through the crowd, but just as he had to leave to do a live report on the Weather Channel, I got him to give us a quick forecast on what to expect. You'll love his response.

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