CBD-infused products have been gaining popularity in recent years as marijuana laws have become looser across the country.

David Klein, the man who invented Jelly Belly in 1976, has jumped onto the CBD bandwagon.

Klein sold his now iconic brand in 1980, but he clearly continues to put in work in the lab to create amazing products.

The CBD jelly beans come in 38 different flavors:

  • Toasted Marshmellow
  • Piña Colada
  • Mango
  • And Many More!

More information on David Klein's new company, Spectrum Confections, can be found at his website.

The CBD jelly beans come in 38 assorted flavors, with 10mg per bean. Dextrose is added to mask the CBD flavor inside.

The buzz for his new product has been so great that they can't keep up with demand and his online store has completely sold out!

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