Anyone with any knowledge of football will tell you how incredibly difficult it is to be a head coach in the NFL.

People train for years, learning tricks, schemes, and tactics from the great minds that came before them to one day get a chance to lead a team and institute their own version of a football battleplan.

Obviously, it would stand to reason then that you can't just have some former player come in with no experience coaching at a professional level and less than a week of preparation and win his first game, right?


Alright, that's it. I'm all in. I'm circling all the way to the other side of the wagon or whatever. We need more players with 0 credentials immediately promoted to head coach.

In the spirit of my rash overreaction, here are 3 former Saints who would make excellent head coaches for the Black and Gold despite no professional coaching experience. If it's as easy as Jeff Saturday is making it look, I'm 100% sure any of these guys would win their first ever game coaching.

Bobby Hebert

The Cajun Cannon was my immediate first choice. One of the most vocal former players (in that he literally is a radio host for WWL) and Founding Father of the Who Dat Nation. Those are stronger credentials than any coordinator position I could imagine.

Bobby's no-nonsense, hardnosed methodology of football and masterful use of analogy and idiom would surely bring some fire into this Saints team.

Hell, hire T-Bob too, get a Bill/Steve Belichick thing going.

After all, Bobby attended South Lafource High School, a breeding ground for some of the greatest football minds in the nation, like Ed Orgeron and yours truly.

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Reggie Bush

Reggie was part of some of the greatest Saints teams to ever do it, quickly earning a reputation for being a quick, darty runner.

His lethal quickness helped get the Saints to their lone Super Bowl in 2009. You know who else played in the Super Bowl in 2009? You guessed it, Jeff Saturday. Boom. Mind blown.

So it's only natural that Reggie should come in and affect immediate changes.

All plays are end-arounds or have an option to cut outside, contact is to be avoided at all costs, and the new nutritionist is just a fry cook from Wendy's who hands out Biggie Bags to each player.

No free ads, but Wendy's' fries are pretty darn good. Anyway...

Chauncey Gardner-Johnson

Now I know what you're saying. "We just traded CJGJ, he's having a career year with the Eagles, he wouldn't take a coaching job now, we don't even know if he wants to coach..."

To that I say, "This is a hypothetical joke. Don't take it so serious man."

First, I never specified the player had to be retired, just that they be a former Saint. Second, I just want Ceedy-Deuce back and I'd do anything to make it happen.

The locker room just isn't the same without him.

You look at that play, that total non-reaction, and tell me CJ wouldn't be the ultimate player's-coach.

God I miss him.

So if being an NFL head coach is so easy, and players can just walk right in to any team and win, then tell Coach Allen to hit the road and call up one of these guys as soon as yesterday.

No way it could be more complicated than that, right?

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