As we roll into the second weekend of Jazz Fest, there are some great acts coming up. This weekend the line-up includes Chicago on Friday, Elton John plays on Saturday and Steve Winwood takes the stage on Sunday.

If you're one of our winners, you'll be able to choose which day you go and which acts you see. In addition to all the great Classic Hits acts, there are a ton of Louisiana legends play at this year's Jazz Fest, so you're guaranteed a great day of entertainment no matter which day you choose.

Remember to listen to for Jazz Fest Song of the Day. It will play between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m.each weekday. When you hear us play the correct song, just be the 9th caller at 436-9929 and you'll win tickets for the day of your choose to Jazz Fest 2015.

Our Jazz Fest Song of the Day for Monday is:

"Old Days" by Chicago.


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