Metallica frontman James Hetfield has written a book about his collection of classic cars, publisher Insight Editions announced.

Titled Reclaimed Rust: The Four-Wheeled Creations of James Hetfield, the 192-page work celebrates his fascination with rebuilding vehicles. It’s to be launched on May 5, 2020 and is available for pre-order now, priced $50.

“Millions know James Hetfield as the front man of Metallica, but the acclaimed singer-songwriter has enjoyed another lifelong passion: restoring and customizing classic cars into magnificent pieces of automotive art,” said a statement from Insight, publishers of 2016 Metallica book Back to the Front.

“From cars such as the Skyscraper to the Aquarius and the Black Pearl, James Hetfield’s collection of beautifully reimagined classic automobiles is truly stunning. For the first time, Hetfield is opening up his garage and inviting readers to dive under the hood of some of these internationally lauded classics. Featuring dynamic, specially commissioned photography of the cars and insight from Hetfield into their creation, this book is a unique opportunity to learn about the Metallica front man's passion for creating bespoke classic cars.”

The Petersen Automotive Museum in L.A. recently confirmed that the vehicle collection would be on display from next February until October. “While the vast majority of collectors acquire vehicles by purchasing pre-existing examples, Hetfield elected instead to build his from scratch, channeling creativity often reserved for his music into the production of rolling sculptures,” the museum announced.

“Hetfield, a lifelong car enthusiast, has described seeing cars in the same way he sees music: as forms of freedom and expression that convey the passions of their creator. At once classic and modern, Hetfield’s vehicles assert both a reverence for history and a disregard for convention, standing collectively as a testament to the musician’s distinctive personality and artistic energy.”


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