Jameis Winston joined the NFL Network for its 2022 schedule release special, and was asked about his recovery from a knee injury last season.


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Jameis Winston is Entertaining On and Off the Field

To say that the NFL is better with Jameis Winston in it is an understatement. He's one of the most entertaining guys on and off the field. Mostly due to the way that he explains things, like why he isn't cutting his hair until he gets back on the field, or the unconventional ways that he trains in the off-season.

It's for moments like this one, when he tells how he has a new found passion for football, or playing football, as only he can tell it.


Jameis Winston Gives Update on Knee Injury

In week 8 of last season, Winston went down with a torn ACL, and spent the remainder of the season on the sidelines and starting to rehab his knee.

An injury like that used to be a death sentence in the NFL. Thankfully, with modern medicine, within the past even 10 years, it's no longer a career ending injury.

When Winston joined the NFL Network's schedule release special, he was asked a question that, I'm sure, many people are wondering. How is his knee? Is he close to being back to 100%?

Winston was able to answer that question in a passionate way, once again, as only he can.

Let's get the man on the field NOW!

Yesterday, we found out who, when, and where Winston and the Saints will be squaring off this season. Sports Illustrated put their strength of schedule in the top 10.

Anyone else fired up and ready for the start of the season yet?!

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