In last night's (Jan. 31) men's basketball game between the Louisiana Ragin’ Cajuns and the UL-Monroe Warhawks, an incident involving a physical altercation between UL-Monroe teammates is getting a lot of attention on social media. The confrontation, occurring just before the six-minute mark in the first half, has become Thursday's water cooler chatter, overshadowing the Ragin’ Cajuns' 80-72 victory.

The incident unfolded on the sidelines, with UL-Monroe's #34, who had been visibly upset, at the center of the controversy. Eyewitnesses reported that the altercation began with an exchange of words between two Warhawk players as they exited the court. The situation quickly escalated when one of the players allegedly charged at his teammate, prompting a swift intervention from the coaching staff to prevent further escalation.

However, the tension did not diffuse with the coaches' intervention. In a shocking twist, #34 abruptly turned and attempted to strike his teammate, managing only to knock him into a chair.

The failed punch did not result in serious injury but was enough to stun onlookers and teammates alike.

The response from the crowd and the coaching staff was immediate. As boos rained down from the Louisiana Ragin’ Cajuns supporters, #34 was directed to the locker room. His frustration was at an all-time high as he kicked a trashcan on his way out, an action that was followed by apparent police involvement. #34 did not return to the game, leaving many to assume his future with the team is likely in jeopardy.

The incident was quickly documented and shared on social media by @GeauxNick, sparking a range of reactions. Among the commenters, @jamiekessler66 expressed a sentiment shared by many: that such behavior warrants dismissal from the team.

As the video continues to circulate, the official stance of UL-Monroe on the matter remains awaited, but the consensus among fans and commentators is clear—#34's actions were unacceptable.

Sound off with your opinions in the comments and we'll update this story when and if we official word from ULM.

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