A  shocking video capturing an altercation between an individual and Tulsa police officers has sparked widespread outrage online. It was not how they treated the individual being arrested that has people outraged online, it's how police treated the suspects dogs.

The video was shared by a bystander online and shows officers repeatedly deploying a taser-like weapon at a dog and kicking it.

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The video was originally posted on the NextDoor  reaching thousands of people online who were disturbed by how the police officer responded in the video. The footage also captured bystanders shouting at the officers pleading for them to cease their actions.

News 2 reported that Anita Davidson, who stumbled upon the video online, expressed her horror at the scene. Davidson emphasized that while barking and growling are typically warning signs from a dog, they do not necessarily indicate an imminent attack. She called the level of force used "excessive" and insisted that such actions were unjustifiable.

In the video, two dogs are visible near the individual involved in the altercation. While one dog remains passive, the other is shown barking. One officer is aiming their firearm at the barking dog, followed by another officer kicking and repeatedly firing at it.

Davidson has raised questions about the violence displayed in the video, particularly noting that the dog seemed incapacitated and posed little threat. She argued that a more cautious approach should have been taken by the officers.

According to News 2 The Tulsa Police Department has announced an investigation into the incident but was unavailable for further comment at the time of reporting.

The dogs involved appeared to flee the scene after the arrest and are now under the care of the individual's grandmother.

The outrage continues to spread online and people are demanding answers and justice for the mistreatment of the animals involved.

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