Have you ever looked out towards the Gulf of Mexico and asked yourself, "What is really out there?"

I have often caught myself asking that very question while on the beach of the gulf and I've also asked myself, "What's the deepest part of this large body of water?"

We know that the gulf is the home to the oil industry down south and that the Gulf of Mexico is a vital line of transportation when it comes to trade and exploration.

Cruise Ship Loses Power In Gulf Of Mexico
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With that said, we know that the gulf is deep, but where's the deepest part?

Well, after googling and reading up on a few things it has been determined by those with way more knowledge of the gulf than me that the deepest part of the Gulf of Mexico is the Sigsbee Deep.

The Sigsbee Deep, which is in the southeastern quadrant of the gulf, is a triangular basin located in the body of water, and its depth ranges. The area is estimated to be from12,303 to 14,383 ft in depth.

Yes, the actual depth of this region has been a hot debate for many years, but what all can agree on is that it is VERY deep in this particular section.

One Year Anniversary Of BP Oil Spill Approaches
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To put things into perspective, the average depth in the Gulf of Mexico is roughly 5,299 ft.

Another interesting fact about the Gulf of Mexico is that is it the largest gulf in the world and the tenth largest body of water in the World.


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