Stevie Nicks can be heard guesting with Gorillaz on the virtual band’s new track, “Oil.”

It was confirmed last year that the Fleetwood Mac icon would sing with the virtual band, led by Blur’s Damon Albarn. Nicks said her “one demand” before agreeing to take part was that she wanted to be turned into one of the group’s caricatures. “I want to be a Gorilla, and I want to have big, false eyelashes, and I want to have blonde hair, right?” she explained. “And so they’re doing it as we speak."

While the promo clip hasn’t arrived yet, the band shared a “fact card” on Twitter, listing her “cult ranking,” “freakiness” and “G factor.” In addition, lead singer 2-D (played by Albarn) published a personal note to Nicks, saying: “Just writing a little letter to say ‘alright,’ which I’ve now done, also I wanted to say I am a big fan of yours and that you made the song we did together very beautiful and the whole record is a different record cos you are on it. Have a nice week, fingers crossed for world peace and please pop round anytime if you fancy a cuppa or game of pacman.”

“Oil” appears on new Gorillaz album Cracker Island, which was released yesterday (Feb. 24). Their eighth LP, it also includes guest spots by Beck, Tame Impala and others. Albarn recently revealed that his “holy grail” for future a collaboration was Kate Bush, explaining that she’d called him after Gorillaz headlined Glasonbury and received mixed reviews.

“[Bush] said it was one of the best shows she’d ever seen,” he recalled. “That was an amazing thing and I really needed it at that moment because I was feeling particularly vulnerable.” He added: “I have fantasized about singing at the piano with her several times. I remember when I first met her, it was back in 1992; and when I was introduced to her, I just got down on my knees.”

Gorillaz Feat. Stevie Nicks - ‘Oil’

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