Rik Emmett believes Triumph has never gotten serious consideration for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame due to a lingering “huge prejudice” against band's like his.

The Canadian rocker laid out his reasoning during a recent interview with Misplaced Straws.

"In the United States, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame politically… I mean, we were on RCA Records, which was — of the seven major labels, they were number six. And then we sued them, and we lost, and then we moved to MCA, and they were the seventh largest. They were the smallest and they had the least impact of all the labels,” Emmett explained, noting the lack of industry clout supporting his band.

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“So voting-wise, we were never that big, we didn't sell enough records, we didn't have enough of a commercial, industrial kind of impact to have it be that the people go, 'Oh, yeah. Well, I remember when they went quadruple platinum?'” he continued. “We never did go quadruple platinum. We struggled to get gold up to platinum, and it would eventually happen with some of the records, but not very many of them. And then you're in a world where there's Journey. Well, they went, like, seven times platinum, 10 times platinum. Oh, there's Foreigner. There's some noise this year about Foreigner. There's probably nothing in their catalog that was under five or six times platinum. They deserve to be in there; they really do.”

Rik Emmett Points a Finger at Jann Wenner

With more than 15 million albums sold, Triumph’s commercial success is certainly nothing to scoff at, and numerous Hall of Fame inductees have had lower career numbers. Still, as Emmett sees it, his band and Foreigner have both been ignored for the same reason.

“There was a huge prejudice that [Rolling Stone and Hall of Fame co-founder] Jann Wenner [had]. It bled throughout the entire board of that thing, which was, 'No, we're only gonna recognize the truly great, and the thing that defines truly great is what I say is truly great,'” Emmett declared. “And he thought Foreigner and Rush and Styx and Triumph, he thought all that stuff was crap. And he would hire writers to write stuff in Rolling Stone that would say, 'Yeah, these bands are shit. They're terrible. They're crap.' And so that became sort of the standard thing of, 'Yeah, well, no, we're not gonna put them in the Hall of Fame. They're shitty.' There you go."

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