Former Dokken bassist Jeff Pilson has expressed his disappointment in the group’s recent box set.

In 2023, Dokken released The Elektra Albums 1983 - 1987, a set containing the band’s first four albums: Breaking the Chains, Tooth and Nail, Under Lock and Key and Back for the Attack. Pilson, who played on all of those releases except for Breaking the Chains, was less than impressed with the set.

"I was disappointed in the box set that came out last year,” the bassist admitted to KNAC (as transcribed by Blabbermouth). “I just thought it was plain. There's no extras whatsoever. And, see, that's corporate people making decisions not based on anything artistic or anything fan-oriented, and that pisses me off, frankly.”

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Though Pilson said he’d still “love people to buy it,” he expressed frustration with how the record label handled the set.

“It kind of pisses me off that they put out a product with so little thought behind it,” the bassist declared. “I've got shit lying around that could have been great extra stuff. And I offered, by the way, and nobody listened. And that makes me angry.”

Pilson’s Disappointment Stretches Beyond the Lack of Bonus Material

“They didn't remaster the vinyl correctly,” Pilson noted, further explaining his issues with the set. “I would love to see it done correctly, and there are companies that do it, but now they're not gonna be interested because it just came out.”

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According to Pilson, the box set’s release also blocked a potential 40th anniversary reissue of Dokken’s sophomore album, Tooth and Nail.

“I don't think we're gonna get a good re-release of that, unfortunately, because I think it should happen too,” the rocker lamented. “But such is life."

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