A police officer's effort to capture an elusive pig in the city he protects and serves has gone viral and we have the video of the capture here.

Watch as an officer with the Grantsville Police Department (Located in Utah) chases a small pig through someone's yard and then ultimately tackles it while on the cement driveway.

According to various reports on social media, two pigs have been running wild in Grantsville, Utah and this officer was finally able to catch up to it.


No worries, the pig was taken to a nearby rescue farm and authorities are now trying to locate its rightful owner.

The small pigs eluded officers for days, but their run ended once this officer got on the case and on the chase. Imagine how much fun he would have for a traditional Mardi Gras run in south Louisiana while chickens did their best to elude those chasing it.

Check out how this officer finally took this pig into custody.


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