Severe weather tore through most of the state Wednesday leaving with it some destruction and people without electricity.

Whether it's fights, other offenses, traffic crashes, or severe weather, police officers are the people who run towards danger. Wednesday's weather was severe for most areas of the state, and in Slidell, a tornado touched down according to the National Weather Service.

We may not think about the families who are left behind when an officer, deputy, firefighter, or other first responders go to help our families, but one video of a Slidell police officer really drives home the point.

The officer, Sergeant Jake Morris, explains in the video that when school was called off for their area he brought his boys to their grandmother's home. After hearing that a tornado in Slidell hit one block away from where they were, he wanted to reassure his children.

Slidell Storm Damage
Photo via Slidell Police Department

He spoke to their grandmother and then to his son Canaan who along with another sibling were sleeping in the bathtub in the event of tornadic activity in their area.

He is quoted on the video posted by the Slidell Police Department saying,

I've never been that scared or nervous.

Sergeant Morris has been with the police department for 14 years.

First responders are always on the job, but that doesn't mean that they aren't frightened for their families. As a parent, you just want to know that your children are safe.

One of the most touching moments of the video is when Sergeant Morris tells his son,

You're going to be safe alright? Daddy and all of his friends are out here making sure everybody's going to be fine, ok? .....and I'll call and check on you in a little while, and I love you.

You can see the whole video below:

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