It Won't Be Long Until We are All Jealous of Our Friends Out on Vacation.

Every year I get so jealous of all of my friends who are making their way to Gulf Shores and to Florida's 30A. It kicks off around May and that's when I start thinking of ways to get my taste of summer all while staying in Louisiana.

Very Soon We Will See Gas Prices Shoot Up.

Every year without fail, Summer brings us high gas prices and although this summer may be one for the books, I am not trying to go broke just trying to fill up my gas tank.

What If I Told You About a Hidden Louisiana Beach That Locals Love?

Louisiana has a hidden gem that many Louisianans who love seashells have kept a secret. No, I am not talking about Holly Beach. I stumbled upon a post on Instagram and now I'm determined to visit this hidden beach. This local favorite is called Rutherford Beach.

Who cares that we don't have those beautiful white sandy beaches here in Louisiana, we have something even better especially if you love collecting seashells by the seashore.

Rutherford Beach is a hidden little beach about 20 miles away from Holly Beach. It's along the Louisiana coast and locals love it. The good news is that it's only 4 hours away from us in Shreveport-Bossier.

A Four Hour Drive to the Beach Sounds Epic Doesn't It?

There are so many cute and unique Airbnb's where you can stay. Jolie Adventures, LLC is a page that focuses on showcasing epic adventures you can have all over Louisiana and the Gulf Coast. Seeing some of the beautiful seashells the found has us wanting to get in the car and make the drive down to Cameron, Louisiana as soon as possible.

Who Has the Best Oysters in Shreveport-Bossier City, LA?

We turned to social media and to determine who has the best oysters, either raw or fried, in all of Shreveport-Bossier City, LA, and here are the top five plus an honorable mention!

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