Florida Made Headlines in 2022 For a Great Reason.

Tampa Bay Times, Governor Ron DeSantis signed a new bill that could help many Floridians in the long run. Bill SB 1054 was unanimously passed by both the Senate and the state House of Representatives, and then Governor Ron DeSantis signed the bill making it a law.

Bill SB 1054 mandates a financial literacy course to be taken by all students in Florida in order to be able to graduate High School. This isn't something that Florida made up. In fact, Florida is kind of late to the party when it comes to making this a law. Florida is the 11th state to make this stand-alone class surrounding financial literacy a requirement.


What Exactly Is a Financial Literacy Course Teaching?

Tampa Bay Times said, "Under the measure, students will be required to take a half-credit course in personal financial literacy and money management. The course will include instruction on concepts such as the different types of bank accounts and how to open accounts, credit and credit scores, types of savings and investments, and completing loan applications."

With Louisiana Being One of the States With the Highest Poverty Rates Shouldn't We Make This Class a Requirement?

If knowledge is power, why aren't we doing this here? Why don't we give students in Louisiana a fighting chance by giving them all the tools possible to succeed in the "real world"? According to LaBudget.org "The share of Louisianans living in poverty remained among the highest in the nation in 2019.". Why aren't we mandating a course where it is needed most?

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