Every year around Valentine's Day people flock to flower shops, pop-up stores, and malls looking for the right gift to say "I love you." Is it that serious? It kinda is to the majority of people men and women alike. It's Valentine's Day after all. A day to celebrate romance and love.

Jeanne Collins, VP for Women’s Health at Prestige Consumer Healthcare says “Whether staying in, heading out with friends, or having a date night, the most important thing is celebrating the way you want.” I am pretty simple when it comes to Valentine's Day. Dinner or a card is good for me and pretty much the same for my hubby. I was interested in how we stacked up to others when it comes to the importance of Valentine's Day.

I did a search for "What Men and Women Want For Valentine's Day," and learned there were quite a few studies on the matter. Hundreds of people were surveyed on a variety of questions concerning Valentine's and here are some of the stats from those results. Bankrate.com asked men and women how much they planned to spend on Valentine's Day 2023!

Most said an average of $192.80, up from $175.41 spent on Valentine’s Day in 2022. However, more than any other age group, people 35 to 44 plan to spend more than $300! Participants said they will spend an average of $14 more than last year on their kid's teachers/classmates, pets, friends, and coworkers.

Of course, the percentages vary depending on the survey, but what I want seemed to compare to that of roughly 33% to 34% of all women that want a Traditional Gift. YouGovAmerica, revealed women said they would be satisfied with one or two of the following gifts - a nice dinner out/date night, a card, chocolates or candy, and/or flowers.

As no surprise, 22% of men said sex would be the perfect Valentine's gift versus 17% of women who said the same thing. What was surprising was that 27% of men said their #1 choice for Valentine's Day is a card. Another (23%) of men surveyed said they would like a nice dinner out/date night. Traditional Gifts came out on top with men and women in this survey.

Results from a New York Post survey a couple of years ago were slightly higher with revealed 45% of women wanted a Traditional Gift. However, 49% of women said, they want to plan the evening themselves and not leave arrangements up to their partner. Other stats broke down as follows:

- 57% of people feel the romance holiday is overrated

- Of those spending Valentine's with a partner 15% plan to have sex sometime during the evening.

- 29% plan on trying something new in bed

- 43% say sex is important

- Of those spending it with a partner, 23 percent are deciding the day’s schedule entirely and 15 percent are planning any sexual activities for the night.

- 52% of respondents think it's important to have a significant other to spend the day with.

When it comes to bringing sexy back, women showed they are all in! They want someone to spend Valentine's Day with, even if it's just for that one day. Below are additional stats indicating what lengths they will go to in order to make sure a romantic night goes smoothly.

Women bought new underwear/lingerie 51%

Purchased feminine care and freshening products 25%

Bought personal lube 22%

Purchased condoms 21%

Get a wax 21%

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