We will honor the survivors and the memory of family and friends we lost to cancer at this year's Relay For Life. The theme is 'Rock Out For Relay,' at will get underway at 6 pm Friday, May 19, at the Lake Charles Civic Center.

The relay will have three laps. The first lap is for cancer survivors only, holding banners. The second lap is for caregivers. And the third is for everyone to participate. The American Cancer Society presents the 2023 Relay For LifeAllison Livingston with the American Cancer Society says,

“There’s almost nobody in this community that hasn’t been touched by cancer. So, whether you’re a survivor, a caregiver, or a family member you have a reason to celebrate cancer survivorship and celebrate the people in our community who’ve been so brave.”

She is absolutely correct! I have lost a beloved co-worker in Buddy Russ and my father, aunts, uncles, and friends. Come out, let's fellowship, and raise money for cancer research. Walk in the name of a loved one, or march with victory because you or a loved one beat cancer.  

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