I have made it well known of my lack of faith in our federal government. Don't come yelling at me about what the Republications or the Democrats want to do because frankly, I don't care. Neither side of the aisle works for you and me anymore. Until that changes, neither side means anything to me. That's why it doesn't surprise me that our wonderful federal government (that's sarcasm by the way) has made a big screw up and is wanting those Texans living off a fixed income from social security to pay for the government's mistake.

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Social Security

Social security is something we have paid into since we got our first job. That money is designed to be paid out to us once we reach the age of retirement to help sustain us in our golden years. Problem is, that program has been mishandled to the point that it may not be there for my generation (Gen X) and beyond. For those that are receiving social security now, there apparently has been an overpayment of benefits the last couple of years that wasn't the fault of the payee but the payer, the Social Security Administration.

My heart just It felt like it dropped to to to the floor because they said I had an overpayment of $41,514. - Delfina Prisock to Fox 4 News in Dallas

Government's Mistake

North Texas resident Delfina Prisock got a notice in the mail this year that she would need to pay back over $40,000 in social security overpayments from the last couple of years. A social security employee even admitted that it was their mistake. Prisock turned in all the correct paperwork and listed other retirement benefits correctly to the social security office (FOX 4). This was the federal government's mistake, not hers.

2022 Report

In 2022, a report found some glaring mistakes by the Social Security Administration in payments to social security recipients all across the country. You can read that full report at oig.ssa.gov.

Battle You May Be Fighting Right Now

In the meantime, Prisock will continue receiving her normal check but could face deductions in that check to pay back what was overpaid. She has appealed three times about having to pay the money back but has been denied each time. There are some in East Texas who have probably been fighting this battle as well. It's not known what can be done at this point but that governmental agency needs to clean its act up and stop messing with the money of those on a fixed income in Texas and across our country.

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