Thanks to recent reports shared by KLTV and, we have learned more details regarding the damage and fallout after the storms that raged through East Texas on Thursday evening and overnight.

We recently asked people to share photos of the fallout after the storms that recently blew through Tyler and Longview, Texas and all over our East Texas area, which you can see below.

Thank you so much to everyone who took a moment to share. When we're dealing with these late spring storms in Texas, there can be something comforting about sharing what we're seeing outside of our windows with other East Texas area residents. It gives us a sense of community and may even connect us with those who may be in a position to assist us or those close to us.

How much did the storms affect you in your specific area of East Texas?

The National Weather Service has sent a team to East Texas to further evaluate the damage left after the storms from Thursday and overnight into this Friday morning.

The Tyler Morning Telegraph reports that 'A bout of severe weather has left damage and caused power outages throughout areas of East Texas. There are reports of major damage in Coffee City, Emerald Bay and Bullard.'

In response to the weather emergency, Friday morning there was a meeting with volunteers, East Texas leaders, and of course emergency workers, hosted by Judge Neal Franklin of Smith County. We also know that even now emergency responders are continuing to respond to residents who need help after the storms.

The storms left trees fallen on more than 20 county roads in Smith County alone, and the damage is still being evaluated. Residents have been without power and some people even had to leave their homes to seek shelter at community locations.

Here are just some of the photos shared with us by East Texans after the severe weather on Thursday night and this morning.

[PHOTOS] Power Outages and Destruction: East Texas Tackles Storm Aftermath

Photos shared by East Texas residents offer glimpse into storm aftermath. Volunteers, leaders, and emergency workers meet to coordinate response efforts. Emergency responders actively assisting residents in need post-storm devastation.

Gallery Credit: Tara Holley

If you have any photos or more information regarding these storms, please leave a comment on our Facebook post.

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