"Piglet" as he is affectionately known had an extremely rough entrance into the world spotlight, but it turns out that his fame has come with new digs at the home of Louisiana State Representative Lauren Ventrella, who owns and operates her own private farm sanctuary.

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Humane Society of Louisiana took to Facebook to announce they had elected to allow the State Representative to adopt "Piglet".

In fact, we plan to deliver Piglet to Rep. Ventrella near the conclusion of this Special Legislative Session and complete the adoption protocol on the steps of the State Capitol!

It's a happy ending for this little guy, who the Humane Society stated, might have never made it through Mardi Gras season alive without the kind heart of a concerned parade goer.

We learn of Piglet's humble horrific beginnings in a story from the Louisiana Radio Network.

From Amazon.com
From Amazon.com

Thankfully A Concerned Citizen Was Brave Enough To Ask For Piglet

According to Humane Society of Louisiana Director Jeff Dorson, a bystander at a Mardi Gras parade spotted three men tossing around what he assumed was a ball; until he heard that ball squealing.

“Turns out the nerf ball was this little pig squealing obviously in distress and fear. Courageously he approached the men. Asked could he please have the piglet cause he knew it was in danger or at least being mistreated.”

It didn't take long for "Piglet" to be placed in the care of Humane Society of Louisiana where he was featured in a fundraising video which went viral.

Piglet Immediately Became An Internet Favorite 

Dorson says, “Piglet became part of our digital kissing booth. You could actually buy a five dollar swine kiss that goes to support our humane programs. We’ve raised $1300 shamelessly exploiting lovely piglet.”

Representative Lauren Ventrella

Immediately people from all over began to inquire of adopting Piglet, but Humane Society decided he would be best served by living out his days in the care of Representative Ventrella, who is pictured above.  Probably a very good choice!

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