Okay, now there are a lot of articles on the internet that tell us that there are things we've been doing for years that we are doing all wrong. I'm fine with most of those articles, because you never know when you're going to learn some hack that ends up saving you a lot of time with one chore or another around the house, but telling me I've been cooking eggs all wrong all my life? Well, that's going too far.

Hell, I've been cooking eggs forever. I mean, I was an Eagle Scout. I learned to cook eggs over an open fire started with flint and steel. Now, along comes this guy who calls himself The Crazy Russian Hacker and tells me I'm cooking my eggs all wrong, and that he has a better way. Well, I call that a challenge, so I watched this little video and I'll be darned if he wasn't right about the whole thing.

I love fried eggs, but usually end up eating them scrambled because I lose control of them when they are all frying in the pan. Invariably, I break the yolk or make a sloppy job of it when I go to turn the eggs. Now comes this crazy Russian who saves the day of the perfect friend egg by use of a slice of onion. I concede to his hackiness. Check this out. If you are fried egg challenged like me, you'll find this very helpful.


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