The news of how it's snowing right now in Shreveport, has me nervous about the possibilities of snow making it's way back to SWLA this winter.

You see last year when it snowed so much here in the Lake Area I tried to explain to my kids that this was a once, maybe twice a lifetime experience if they stay here in SWLA.  My daughter Khloe (8) promptly threw out a bet I couldn't refuse.  She said, "Dad if it snows next year you have to pay me $50".  I was confident in my 38 years of weather experience here in SWLA that I took that bet without thinking twice.

My son Elijah (11) overheard our convo and of course he wanted in on the money.  Eli walked over to us and said, "me too Dad, if it snows next year you owe me $50 too".  Still brimming with confidence I took is bet too.  We all shook on it and I left laughing out loud how easy that was.

Fast forward to today, I got the news this morning that it's snowing in Shreveport from Meteorologist Zack Fradella and it looks like a huge band of snow is heading for Houston, TX.  If I had nails they would all be gone by now.  It snowing this early in Louisiana doesn't bode well for me and my bet.

Hopefully if it snows it does it really late at night and has time to burn up before the kids leave for school, lol.

I'll keep you updated on the situation, but if it snows here in SWLA you'll know ol' Mikey O is shelling out a Benji to his kids.


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