As soon as the first cold snap would hit, my dad and I would run to build a fire in the backyard. When we first moved into their current house, it was in August. It was also the first house we had that featured a fireplace inside. What did we do the first night in the house in August? We built a fire in the fireplace and turned the AC down to 65! Shortly after the come-to-Jesus-meeting, headed up by mom, the new rule was no fire in the house unless the outside temperature is 40 degrees or less. As a result, we dug a fire pit in the backyard.

Almost 30 years later, the first fire pit has long since been filled, but the old man still has a spot in the backyard to have a fire. He's been known to not only cook bacon-wrapped hotdogs on it but also steaks, chicken, mushrooms, even bacon-wrapped jalapenos. All over an open fire. There is no better way to do it, in my opinion.

CT Iron and Fire,

Scrolling around on Facebook, I ran across the CT Iron and Fire Company based out of Australia. I am a fan of the Aussies, they seem like coonasses, but with a funnier accent. I've seen videos and TikToks of their antics and ways, and I really feel that they would fit right in here in SWLA easily. The products that CT Iron and Fire are putting out also seem to back up my story.

CT Iron and Fire,

The Cadillac, it seems, of their inventory is this beautiful outdoor cooking giant. They call it the Camp Oven Pit, but it also has quite a few accessories. When not in use, it has a hardwood tabletop that you can use to sit around. When you get down to business, it has a removable hot plate, grill, camp oven hook, and a rotisserie. You place your coals, or wood all around the actual pit and then swing your accessories around accordingly depending on the heat you need.

Catch this whole setup as you see it here will run you $2,110 dollars, with the base model running just a shade over $900. In actuality, that's not a bad price for a bbq pit and all of the accessories. Now, we just need to figure out how to go and get it from across the world!

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