The country is in the middle of Civil War hysteria. I'm not going to take a position on the whole deal about all the monuments and statues that are being destroyed, but when things start going all pear shaped and people want to take things to the 9th degree, it's out of hand. I would like to submit as evidence the tale of what happened to an ESPN sportscaster.

The guy in question is named Robert Lee. Yeah, you know, as in Robert E. Lee. Well, the pinheads at ESPN have decided that the poor guy's name might be offensive to some people so he was pulled from announcing Virginia's season opening game. I couldn't make up something this stupid. Now, to be fair about this, ESPN didn't fire Lee, they just reassigned him to the Pittsburgh - Youngstown State Game.

I should point out that Lee is Asian-American and it's not very likely that anyone is going to think that he has anything to do with General Lee.

As I said when I started this diatribe, I'm not going to take sides on the whole monument thing, but the whole "let's cover this up" mentality has gone way to far when a man can't do his job because his last name is the dame as that of a confederate general.

The question is, where do we stop? The folks who are leading this witch hunt have Stone Mountain, Georgia in their sights for a major protest. Will any statue that does not meet the criteria of a small group of people will be game for the pickings?

Not many historical figures led a perfect life and a great many famous men and women who have been commemorated have some pretty ugly skeletons. Can we really sit and judge these people by today's standards? I daresay that, if each person so commemorated were to be scrutinized by the accepted thinking of today, no statues of anyone would remain.

The important thing is what you think. Has all this political correctness gone too far?




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