Have you ever lived next to someone who was deaf to the sound of their own dog barking? there's not much in this world that's more irritating than a neighbor who just sits back and lets their dog howl away, disturbing the neighborhood while said neighbor just snoozes away.

I don't know if the neighbors could hear the dog in this video, I kind of doubt it since the dog is doing his barking from the bedroom, but little Rover did disturb someone a lot. Apparently the family cat is not too fond of the yelping puppy and makes it's feelings known in no uncertain terms.

Check out the body language when the cat enters the picture at about :15 seconds in. It's not so much the way the cat leaps up on the bed. It's the hard cold stare the cat gives the pooch that is just almost human. A cat of a few words, but it gets the job done and little Rover is silent once more.