The guys and gals that play Ultimate Frisbee amaze me every time I watch a highlight video on YouTube!  I want to share my passion for this sport with you!

My favorite Ultimate Frisbee athlete is Brodie Smith.  What he can do with a Frisbee will amaze you.  Plus, he has hopes like a professional basketball player.  The dude is a FREAK!

You might be thinking to yourself, man, this guy looks familiar.  Well, besides being a professional Frisbee player, he has teamed with internet sensations, Dude Perfect, for some EPIC trick shot videos!

There's a professional league for Ultimate Frisbee.  It's called The American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL) and it was founded in 2012.  It's has teams all across the country and features the best players in America.

My boy Brodie Smith actually scored the 1st point in the history of the league way back in 2013, and yes in typical Brodie's EPIC!

Here's a full game of AUDL action.  You'll see this guys are amazing athletes and in incredible shape!  I get tired just watching it, but boy, the action is fantastic!

Hopefully, the love I have shared for this sport has sparked your interest and maybe you might be a fan now too!

I know I posted tons of videos on this article, but Brodie is just da man!  Plus, the awe factor of this dude's skills are amazing!  Check out one more crazy trick shot video below!

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