The eastbound side of the I-210 Bridge in Lake Charles will be shut down for the next several month while it undergoes extensive repair work starting at 9 PM today. In the meantime, traffic will be maintained in both directions, but on the westbound side. DOTD spokesperson Tammy York says drivers approaching the structure should expect some new traffic diversions.

“As motorists approach the bridge going eastbound, they will encounter a cross over, and they will cross over to the westbound bridge, right at the base, the approach of that bridge, and then westbound traffic will be maintained on the outside lane.”

Vehicles wider than 11 feet, 18-wheelers, and buses will not be allowed on the bridge during this portion of the construction.

I-210, image from DOTD
I-210, image from DOTD

York says they’ll be installing a guardrail, constructing an inspection deck, and tearing up huge portions of concrete to get the bridge ready for the future.

“We’re going to see that removal of that 938 feet of concrete deck, so this is going to be several months of a closure, and once this closure finishes, we are going to switch to the other bridge and do the exact same thing.”

York is asking the public to try to avoid the bridge if at all possible in the meantime to keep traffic moving at a reasonable pace for those who rely on the structure every day.

“If you are not traveling 210 regularly, I encourage you not to take that path. Don’t travel during off-peak hours, consolidate your trips, and carpool.  The less cars that are on that road, the less congestion it is going to be.”

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