In the south when making a friendly inquiry about someones family often we say: how's your mama and them?  Meaning how is everyone doing?  Have you checked on them recently or heard any good or bad news?

I'm stealing that phrase to check on the well being of the body part that takes a pounding every day all day for the most part.  Particularly if your job requires standing or walking for long periods of time - your feet are literally getting hammered all day.  No wonder the little piggy toe runs squealing all the way home.

Like everything else in life a little maintenance goes a long way and checking over your feet daily can stop annoying problems in their infancy.  Check for cuts, sores or loose or discolored toenails.  Notice any swelling or rashes?

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When you're on them, your feet are working so they sweat.  Wash carefully with soap and water and pay attention to the areas between the toes... after all they live in the dark damp recessed jungles of your shoes nearly all day and it gets hot down there.  Ask any infantry soldier, keeping your feet dry is like 96% of the good foot health equation.  After showering, washing and drying use a little cornstarch powder on your feet or talcum powder, it's an effective and cheap way to avoid costly problems.

Probably don't have to say this to ladies, but men don't be afraid of the lotion.  But not between the toes, just on the tops and bottoms - this keeps your foot skin soft and settles problems with too dry skin that can easily chafe.

When you cut your toenails (speaking mostly to the guys now, that don't regularly get professional pedicures) cut them straight across with a toenail clipper which is bigger than a fingernail clipper and not as brutal as the hedge clippers.  Don't angle the edges or they could grow 'spikes' into your skin and create a painful 'ingrown' toenail...yikes!

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Exercise your toes, you're at the gym flexing your lats and biceps and triceps, wiggle your toes around a few minutes combined with flexing your ankles and don't wear tight socks.  A good foot exercise machine is a fuzzy sphere commonly known as a tennis ball to help stretch your feet and arches.

One last thing, wear good shoes that support your arches and those with tingly skin or other foot oddities see your doctor it could be an indication of diabetes or other maladies that would require professional assistance.

And remember, a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step!




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