With schools all across SWLA gearing up to begin the new academic year, it's important parents know how to keep their children safe and report concerns. Strict federal and state guidelines and policies have been enacted to protect our kids during the new school year and to minimize the chance of contracting COVID-19 on school campuses.

If your child is attending their school in person this year and you see students, teachers, administrators, or anyone (for that matter) not following the proper COVID-19 protocol, what can you do?

The Louisiana Department of Education is serious about their schools being compliant with their coronavirus guidelines and policies. They're so serious about it, they've set up an email where you can send your concerns about what is going on at your child's school. If you feel they need to know about a situation you witnessed or heard about from your child, email the department at ldoecovid19support@la.gov.

One of the great things about it is that they are being really transparent with parents on this issue of child safety. You can view a list of schools in Louisiana that have been reported here.

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