What can you say about a TV show that not only made us laugh, but actually changed the language we use. All you have to do is throw out a vague reference to Seinfeld and an entire conversation starts up. It's a lot like when a bunch of friends sit around and start throwing out lines from Blazing Saddles.

Speaking of Blazing Saddles; that movie proved to be a great ice breaker once. I had just met a well-known drummer from a very popular band from the 60s. He was nice enough, but a bit on the chilly side. Something happened and I threw out a line from Blazing Saddles and the next thing you know, we're fast friends and trying to top each other with the funniest lines and impressions of 'Gabby Johnson."

Well, the same phenom surrounds Seinfeld. Just mention a puffy shirt or a low talker and the next thing you know, you and a stranger are friends with a very common bond.

This video explores that  phenomenon with 7 ways Seinfeld changed history. You'll also see just how influential the show was on shows that followed in it's footsteps.