Our studios are almost directly across from the North Beach (I-10 Beach.) I have noticed in the past couple of years that this beach seems to be more popular than in the past. It made me start thinking about how much sun exposure is safe. I decided to do some research.

getty images/ Justin Sullivan

It is really hard to find anyone who advocates sun exposure due to skin cancer risk. I first tried researching "how much sun exposure is a safe amount?" I did not have much success so I went at it from a different angle and researched "how much sun exposure do we need?" I found that we do need some sun exposure for Vitamin D production. So how much do wee need.

According to a study published in the British Examiner ... The Irish Cancer Society advises following the WHO’s recommendations of getting five to 15 minutes of casual sun exposure to hands, face and arms two to three times a week during the summer months. People with darker skin will need to spend longer in the sun to produce the same amount of vitamin D. But, it warns, “a little sun exposure goes a long way”.

Does vitamin D guard against disease? It would seem debatable. I guess my question was answered ... sort of.


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