The Louisiana Gaming Control Board has released the data on how much money the Bayou State made in its first year of legalized sports betting.

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Let's just say it was a good year of collecting taxes for Louisiana and one man scored huge while betting at casinos here in Lake Charles.

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Mattress Mack has to be one of the most famous sports betters in the country right now. He mostly ties his bets into promotions for his mattress stores, but that hasn't stopped him from clearing some serious coin in 2022.

The chairman of the Louisiana Gaming Control Board, Ronnie Johns, had this to say about Mattress Mack during their December meetings:

So, Mattress Mack did make an impact on…two or three of the platforms. He thanks the State of Louisiana for being able to come in and make $75 million.

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Mack not only made $75 million from betting on the Houston Astros to win the World Series, but he also made sports betting history with that wager. He was paid out $30 million by the Caeser Sportsbook in Lake Charles, that's the single largest pay out in history.

After the Bayou State's first full year of legalized sports betting, the Louisiana Gaming Control Board has reported that Louisiana made $26.5 million in tax revenue from sports betting across the state. That figure will balloon for their 2023 yearly tax revenue report as this will be the first full year of mobile sports betting in Louisiana.

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