When driving any distance with a female in the car the question “how much further to the next gas station’ is never an inquiry or concern as to the remaining fuel level in the tank. Nor an indication that the driver should be checking the oil level, or tire pressure soon.

“How much further to the next gas station” is code for “I have to go to the bathroom, and soon!”

Saturday the Texas A&M Aggie fans ventured over to Tuscaloosa to watch the 6th ranked Aggies challenge the #1 ranked Tide. By now you know how the game turned out but this isn’t about the game. Something much more incredible happened just prior to the half inside the stadium that didn’t make it to broadcast TV.

After hours of tailgating and then after two full quarters of Bryan-Denney vendors serving various forms of giant sodas and food, giant beers and nachos an announcement came over the public address system informing the 100,000 plus spectators the building's bathrooms were out of order. Oh, you could use it all right – but the PA warned not to try to flush. The water to the stadium was cut off. No bathroom for anyone. Players, fans, referees, officials, regents, announcers, no one in the stadium could go.

There’s still no official word on whether or not beer and soda sales dramatically slacked off in the second-half. But mention has been made that the stadium was ‘rocking’ in the 3rd and 4th quarters, even when there wasn’t a dramatic play taking place on the field. Imagine if you will 100,000+ humans hopping up and down shifting from one leg to another while clenching their knees together. I suppose we’re fortunate the shifting and hopping and clenching didn’t bring the whole stadium crumbling to the ground. And you’d think a large, well-established program like Alabama would have paid their water bill.

Yeah. I’m an Aggie fan and today I can honestly say Alabama stinks. And I will bet money that upon entering their vehicles to leave, the moment the key turned in the ignition 50,000 women asked that age-old motoring question.

How much further to the next gas station?

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