Well, here i am back at the keyboard after 9 days off. I soon discovered that I would make a very poor retiree. Let me tell you that about three days into my staycation I hit the wall and was ready to come back to work. Believe it or not, I really missed being on the air every day.

Now retirement may be fine for someone who fishes or has a hobby that keeps them active. Well, when I'm not on the radio, I'm writing music which is a very sedentary thing to do. That made me realize more than ever that I need to get out and walk and talk to the animals which is the point of this rambling diatribe.

It was while I was on vacation that I realized just how much I talk to my pets. Heck, I sometimes carry on a lengthy conversation about a very varied group of subjects. I'll even ask their opinion about various and sundry things and, while they may not answer directly, I can tell they are listening intently. I wasn't aware of how much I talked to my pets until my grown daughter, Annie, moved back in with me.

I was chatting away with my dog, Hank, and my cat with no name and it dawned on me that Annie could probably hear me. I suddenly became very self conscious that I was carrying on a real conversation with my critters. It also occurred to me just how much I talk to them. Sometimes, If I'm working on a new song, I'll solicit their opinion. I know my pets so well that I can read a lot into the blank stare one always gets when conversing with one's pets.

The problem is, I'm afraid my daughter might think I'm ready for a home. I haven't broached the subject with her. I know she's bound to be able to hear me talking to the furry friends. For awhile I thought she just might write it off to me being me, but I began to worry.

I mean, what if my darling child is planning to snag the family fortune by having me socked away somewhere. That would be slim pickin's, my friends. She would end up with a dog named Hank, a cat with no name and two guitars. I finally built up the courage to ask Annie if she thought I talked to the animals too much. She responded that she talks to them even more than I do.

I have to tell you that I missed being on the radio while I was gone. I missed talking to you. Thanks for listening. Thanks for being there. I thought about you a lot when I was on vacation. I thought about how lucky I am. It's great to share my mornings with you. thanks for listening. I don't take our friendship for granted. Hank and Cat With No Name send their regards as well.


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