It was a great St. Patrick's Day weekend. I really enjoyed it a lot especially since I got to sit in with an amazing Celtic band called Farouche ( it means "wild").

Farouche let me sit in on several numbers and we did a rather shaky video of a song called "Rambling Pitchfork."

Meet the band, and hear/see the video.

Farouche is an amazing group of players. They combine all styles of Celtic music and, from time to time, infuse it with a Cajun feel. they two types of music are very similar.

Here's the Who's Playing What -

Those strange pipes are called Uilleann pipes -- Mike Barney

Bodhran - (drum)- Jared Savoy and Steve Barney (not in video, but he's playing)

Bouzouki -- Sort of a big "cousin" of the mandolin - Tatiana Luzan

Guitar -- Gary Shannon