I remember back when they first started this whole time change thing, I thought it was pretty exciting. Little did I know that, when I got a little older and had a job that the time change would stop being fun right away. You wouldn't think that just setting your clock ahead one hour would cause so much turmoil in our lives, but it sure does.

I pretty much ignored the time change this time around. All of my clocks automatically up date to the right time and I don't have to physically set my clock. I thought that, perhaps, since I was really keenly aware of the time change, that perhaps I would escape the lag that always goes along with turning the clock ahead one hour, but it was all for naught.

I got to work this morning feeling great, but about 2 hours in, I began to experience that dreaded time change lag. Someone described it as "jet lag without the fun." That seems to be a pretty apt description of "time change lag," now wouldn't it?

Well, no sooner had I arrived at work this morning than I saw an article from the on Huffington Post about Daylight Saving Time and all the effects it has on our constitution. Almost all of the effects are unpleasant with the exception of one and we'll start with that one:


1.  You're more likely to have a heart attack. Now, there's a sobering thought. You're not only more likely to have a heart attack, but a whopping 25% more heart attacks occur right after a Spring time change.

2.  The same study says that there are more car crashes in the days following a time change.

3. Move your court date. According to the study, the worst day you can appear in court is on the days following a time change. The study suggest that , on the days following a time change, judges tend to be much more strict and give out stiffer fines and sentences.

There is a somewhat bright side to the spring time change and that is:

4.  You're less likely to get robbed. I know that's good news. The study says that robberies drop by about 7% on the day after the time change and that there are 27% fewer robberies the night after the time change. that means you should be pretty safe right now, at least when it comes to getting robbed.

The study says that the odds of getting robbed because the robbers don't really go to work until it's dark, so they get to sleep in an extra hour. Look like robbers are the only one's who get a break when it comes to Daylight Saving Time.

Here is the complete article

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