Even though I lived in a "haunted" house for several years, I'm still a skeptic when it comes to ghosts and ghost sightings. Believe me, I've heard and seen a lot of weird things and yet, in the back of my mind, I'm always ready to believe that there is a logical explanation behind all "unexplained" events.

Even with a skeptical mind, this video is not easy to explain away. It's basically just a dad and his kids at a playground with a set of swings. The weird thing is that one of the swings seems to be self-powered. All the other swings on the same set are perfectly still, but this one swing looks like it's caught in a wind storm.

There is a mild language warning with this video, but it doesn't get out of hand.

Watch and decide for yourself. is this fake or is a video of a haunted swing set?

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