Here's an important thing to remember as you look over this list. It's not the BEST shows ever on TV, it's a list of Hollywood insiders favorite shows. Let's face it, there is a big difference. Don't think that just because it's a list compiled from among folks in Hollywood that quality is going to win out. It's just shows these folks like to watch, which doesn't always indicate quality. Just take a look at some of the unmitigated crap that comes out of Hollywood and you'll get what I'm saying here.

As with any list of favorites, what they don't include is as important as what they do. For example, The Andy Griffith Show is one of the most beloved sitcoms of all time and it didn't make the Top 100 according to the taste of, once again, Hollywood insiders.

The poll was conducted and published by The Hollywood Reporter. You can see the entire list of the 100 Favorite Shows of Hollywood Insiders on their site.

Here are the Top 10

1.  "Friends", NBC, 1994-2004

2.  "Breaking Bad", AMC, 2008-2013

3.  "The X-Files", Fox, 1993-2002

4.  "Game of Thrones", HBO, 2011-Present .

5.  "Seinfeld", NBC, 1989-1998

6.  "The Sopranos", HBO, 1999-2007

7.  "Saturday Night Live", NBC, 1975-Present

8.  "I Love Lucy", CBS, 1951-1957

9.  "Mad Men", AMC, 2007-2015

10.  "The Simpsons", Fox, 1989-Present

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