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One of THE most talked about things in the universe is the possibility of a 2nd stimulus check. President Trump has been pushing for one. Democrats and Republicans have been arguing over how much it should be and who should get one for what feels like an eternity. There have been thousands of articles written describing when we could get a 2nd check, how much it'll be, etc.. However, as of this morning, it doesn't seem we're any closer to getting a 2nd check in the mail. In fact, you're more likely to get an Amazon package delivered on time than get a 2nd stimulus check.

Seriously. The debate over the finer points of who gets a check and who qualifies and what should/shouldn't be in the stimulus bill has stalled out more than a 1971 Ford Pinto! And all this is happening while many Americans are struggling to pay their bills and weather the financial storm caused by COVID-19. It's crazy to watch this play out on our TV sets or computers daily.

I personally know DOZENS of people who have careers in the nightly life and entertainment industries that have been out of work for nearly 6 months. And they are no closer to getting back to work or getting any help from the government. This is wild! And the craziest part is, that after 'negotiations' between the two political parties fall apart, every one of them go home to their comfortable lives or go on vacation while millions of Americans are wondering how they're going to keep the lights on.

Will both sides ever reach a deal? Will Trump get tired of the endless debate and sign an executive order? I have no idea. My guess is no...but what do I know? So, despite the fact there are dozens of news articles published daily about a new stimulus bill, we're probably closer to figuring out time travel than getting a check in the mail.

So, despite what some outlets are saying, there's nothing new to report. I know I don't have anything that hasn't been said a thousand times over the past few months. So, instead of beating a dead horse, here's a gallery of cute cats. At least the cats exist and can cheer you up...which is more than can be said about any 2nd stimulus bill.

Who Doesn't Love Cute Cats


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