Katie Bloomquist is a 33 year-old first grade teacher from North Charleston, South Carolina and Katie had a dream. Katie's dream is to buy every kid in her school a new bike. According to Katie, most of the families in her school district are very poor and can't afford such luxuries.

Katie's original plan was to help out one of her students who really needed a bicycle, but she just couldn't swing it money-wise. Well, rather than give up, Miss Katie upped the ante and decided that every student needed a bicycle and that became her new goal.

Miss Katie started a Go Fun Me Page and you can help out. Obviously we are dealing with a very fine teacher here and that's the kind of people we really want to help. Good teachers aren't on every street corner, so we're lucky to a=have such dedicated people.

Now, in order to buy every student in the school, all 650 of them, Miss Katie needs to raise about $65,000. She's off to a good start right now with just over $40,000 taken in so far.There is a local bike shop in Katie's area that says they will customize each bike to suit the kids.

Here is Miss Katie's Go Fund Me page. Let's pitch in!












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